A Focus From 2020

Where focus goes, energy flows – we’ve all heard it from the big dog Tony Robbins before, but how does that apply to reflection on the last year? In this episode of The Jamie J Podcast I share a key belief surrounding how your focus from this past year can make ALL the difference for your year ahead.

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Reflection on What Was and What’s About to Be

Have you ever in your life of business ever stopped and reflected on both what went REALLY great and what didn’t go so well? What if there was a secret hidden, one so powerful that it would literally change your life and business forever? It’s here, in this episode of The Jamie J Podcast

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Reflecting on the Accomplishments

With 2019 coming to a close, it’s now more critical than ever that we recognize the road so far, so that we can pave the opportunity superhighway into 2020!

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