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Microcast: Your Word

In this microcast of The Jamie J Podcast it’s all about exactly what your word means. As a small business owner, the impact of words can make or break relationships. Having a positive perspective and using effective communication is essential to success. Want a great team and incredible customers? Do what you say you’re going...

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Microcast: Effort

In this microcast of The Jamie J Podcast it’s all about effort, because the amount of effort you put in, and the level of urgency you assign to a task is directly proportional to the size of the reward you reap!

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Stress Release 101

We’re your one stop shop for stress relief without the awkwardness of an adult massage! Join us in todays episode as we take a straight forward practical approach to understanding stress and exactly what you can do about it, or as I like to say, “takin’ that stress to the train station”.

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SOP’s For Success

In this episode we’ll be talking about SOP’s – no, not Soggy Old Potatoes, we’re talking about Standard Operating Procedures and why they’re the real shortcut to business success.

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Serving Your Customers

Customer Service – Seems like it ain’t what she used to be. Yes, there have been significant shifts from then to now, but if you want to really stand out in the red ocean of services and service providers, then you need to have your customer service game ON POINT!

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When it comes to creating the life and business of your dreams, it comes down to mastering 1 specific area – accountability. IN this episode I share a tool for giving yourself that, each and every time.

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Customer Service Hacks

Double your customer satisfaction (and create an avalanche of sales!) with these easy-to-implement customer service hacks. With a little effort from you and your team, customers will be raving about every bit of the experience they have with you!

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Talent: Hired vs Developed

The question of whether you want to hire or develop talent is one that all business owners must face. While hiring talent can be faster and easier, it doesn’t always lead to the best fit for your company. Developing your own talent takes more time and resources but can result in a better long-term investment....

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